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Angel Insight is here to help and support you in using Angel cards (and other oracle cards), for your own personal use and when giving readings for others. If you are a beginner then you’ll find useful hints and tips, basic card reading techniques and guides for using cards. If you are more advanced, use Angel cards in you spiritual work, or perhaps even a professional card reader, then you’ll find the ideas and programmes will enhance your skills and knowledge further.

PI-Guardian-Angel-Oracle-1All the examples on this site use the Guardian Angel Oracle cards (previously the Angel Insight cards), created by Chrissie Astell, with illustrations by Rene Milot and published by Watkins. If you don’t have a set you can purchase a signed copy from this site, or in most good bookshops.

And if you’d like to learn more about how to use them, Chrissie has a home study programme, The Angel Insight Programme, which includes videos, reference guides and audio tools to help you get even more from these beautiful, divinely-inspired cards.

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