A comprehensive course which teaches essential techniques and gives you the confidence to use angel cards to give inciteful readings for yourself and others. Learn the secrets for creating abundance and success using your intuitive spiritual gifts to serve your clients with power and integrity.
  • Chrissie is one of the UK’s most respected and loved angel experts and authors.
  • She is a fully qualified spiritual educator, with a university degree in Comparative Religion as well as qualifications in Teaching and Spiritual Facilitation.
  • Her Guardian Angel Oracle cards were channelled as part of an 18 month project and contain a rich source of spiritual symbolism.
  • Angel cards allow the user to tap into angelic energies, including those of the great Archangels, to receive angelic wisdom and guidance. This is VERY different from other kinds of oracle cards, tarot etc.
  • They are perfect for personal readings and daily use, but also for professional readings for others.
  • Often reported as the favourite ‘Angel Cards’ of many professional Psychic Mediums.
  • In addition to the guide booklet that comes with the card set, Chrissie has now produced this comprehensive training programme containing advanced reading techniques, professional guidance, and detailed interpretations for all her cards.
  • The card set, combined with the Angel Insight Programme, form a complete package that would enable any lightworker to begin or enhance a career in card reading.


  • An Introduction to working with Angel Cards
  • How the Angel Insight Pack was created
  • The symbolism of the cards
    • The Four Suits
    • Air, Fire, Earth & Water Cards
    • Special Card categories – Dreamtime, Wellbeing, Nature and Heart Centred cards
  • Preparing the cards and your divine space
  • Interpreting cards – divining and channelling
  • Types of interpretation
  • Reading techniques for yourself
  • Reading techniques for others

Workbook – examples and layouts, with templates you can print or photocopy and use for your readings. Detailed Reference Guide for The Guardian Angel Oracle Pack – highlighting images and symbols and colours for every card in the set.


Video Tools

  • Chrissie takes you through using the cards for basic and advanced readings.
  • 4 basic readings and 3 advanced readings included covering a wide range of situations.
  • Watch Chrissie conduct a full professional reading with a client showing her exact step-by-step process
  • 3 minute video guides to every card in the Guardian Angel Oracle deck

Audio Tools

  • Guided Visualisations and an Angel Attunement which you can use before or after preparing to undertake a reading.


For those who want to take their reading skills to a deeper level, or offer paid readings professionally, Chrissie adds tutorials on several advance techniques and related issues:

  • The Cube – a nine-card reading loved by card readers and their clients
  • The Dodecagon and the Twelve Houses
  • Remote readings – telephone and online
  • Commercial considerations for professionals


The course is available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, so you can work in your own time and space. Featuring video and audio modules, with downloadable workbooks and reference guides that function seamlessly on a wide range of platforms.

One of the UK’s best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts

Following a visionary angelic experience in 1997, she dedicated her life to spiritual teaching. She wrote her first book, ‘Discovering Angels’, in 2005, and has subsequently written four further books, most recently her best-seller ‘Seven Steps Into Angel Light’. She has also recorded meditation CDs and developed spiritual workshops and training programmes. Plus, she created the Guardian Angel Oracle (previously known as the Angel Insight Pack), a set of 52 beautifully illustrated angel oracle cards. Chrissie has featured on radio broadcasts, made numerous television appearances and written features for a wide range of journals.

She is the ‘Angel Expert’ columnist for the UK’s best selling  Soul & Spirit magazine, and is a certified Spiritual Companion with the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality.


Completing the requirements of the programme entitles you to apply for a Licensed Angel Card Reader Certificate. This professional certification demonstrates your commitment to providing a professional card reading service to your clients and authorises you to use the Guardian Angel Oracle cards in your work.  

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Order a set of Guardian Angel Oracle cards from Amazon and all good retailers. You will need to order separately from the course. Previous issues of the cards are also suitable for use with the programme (The Angel Insight Pack (2008) and the Guardian Angel Oracle (2012)).